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The importance of vivace microneedling

The Importance of Maintaining the Results of a Facelift with Vivace Microneedling

A facelift is a fantastic way to revive the youthfulness of the face. This procedure improves...
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Orange County Newport Beach Facelift 115 F

Natural Results from a Facelift are Possible

Summary: Patients looking to rejuvenate their appearance while still retaining a natural look...
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Cosmetic Surgeon Newport Beach

Orange County Cosmetic Surgeon Adds Sophisticated Fractional Laser To His Age-Fighting Arsenal

Introduction of a Sophisticated Fractionated Co2 Laser with Advanced Cooling System for Facial...
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Orange County’s Riviera Magazine Highlights Dr. Kevin Sadati as a Top Beauty Expert

April 8, 2015 Newport Beach, CA—Dr. Kevin Sadati has yet again been featured in an elite...
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plastic surgeon orange county - Orange County Chin & Cheek Injectable Fillers

Importance of Cheekbones

Orange County Facial Surgeon Discusses Importance of Cheekbones Recognizing that patients have...
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Laguna Beach Fat Grafting

Questions to ask yourself before cosmetic surgery

As an expert in the cosmetic surgery industry, Dr. Kevin Sadati wants to help his patients make...
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Understanding Local Anesthesia

Understanding Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is a commonly used way to temporarily numb an area of the body while allowing...
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Why a Vampire Lift

Why a Vampire Lift?

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and being unhappy with the face that’s staring...
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New Trend in Injectable Chin Implants 1

New Trend in Injectable Chin Implants

The chin implant procedure is a relatively common cosmetic procedure designed to complement the...
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Natural Tips to Look Younger and Beautiful - Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

Natural Tips to Look Younger and Beautiful : Facelift Exercises

Facelift Exercises While the facelift procedure is designed to eliminate the appearance of...
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The Aesthetic Facelift | Newport Beach Expert Face Surgeon

The Aesthetic Facelift

The aesthetic facelift procedure is a cosmetic surgery that is designed to improve your...
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Could I Have Multiple Procedures in One Day | Orange County Face Surgeon

Facial Plastic Surgery — Could I Have Multiple Procedures in One Day?

Perhaps you are disappointed with the sagging skin around your neck, but maybe you also feel...
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