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Before and After Fat Grafting to Face Gallery

Are you tired of the cost and having to repeatedly get injectable fillers for your lips or other areas of your face and body? If so, then fat grafting with PRP is the perfect solution for you.
Considered an expert in the field of fat grafting, Dr. Sadati has been highly regarded and respected by his peers in his knowledge and skill in fat grafting. By using his patient’s own fatty tissue (autologous fat) with PRP (platelet rich plasma) he is able to enhance facial features, or other parts of their body, giving them a permanent solution.

With this technique, there is no need for having injectable fillers which often come with risk involved; such as your body possibly rejecting it, or infection, with no guarantee that it will last. He has published a well-known research paper regarding free fat transfer with PRP in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.