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Celebrate Mom this Month with Noninvasive Treatments

A mother’s job is never-ending, and required patience, love, and understanding. However, it can...
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Why More Men are Choosing the Facelift

Men encounter many of the same concerns that women do when it comes to signs of aging. A...
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The Perfect Derma Peel Now Offered at Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing the right chemical peel for your skin concerns can be challenging. A deep peel gives...
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Baby Botox

What is Baby Botox and why are more young women than ever having it done?

More and more women in their 20s and 30s are choosing to enhance their natural beauty with...
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botox vs dysport

Dysport Vs Botox

Dysport Vs Botox When it comes to neurotoxins for facial rejuvenation, it is clear that Botox®...
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Should I Lose Weight Before a Facelift

Should I Lose Weight Before a Facelift?

Many patients ask me “Should I lose weight before a facelift?” Maintaining a stable...
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Can a Facelift be done under local anesthesia?

Can a Facelift Be Done Under Local Anesthesia?

Dr. Sadati is often asked by patients about the best options for anesthesia when undergoing...
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More Men Turning to Surgery to Stay Competitive

More Men Turning to Surgery to Stay Competitive

Ageism is an issue faced by men and women alike. Over time, more and more women embraced...
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ethnic facelifts what you need to know

Ethnic Facelift – What You Need To Know

Different ethnicities have different facial and bone structures, skin texture and tone,...
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The importance of vivace microneedling

The Importance of Maintaining the Results of a Facelift with Vivace Microneedling

A facelift is a fantastic way to revive the youthfulness of the face. This procedure improves...
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Considering a Rhinoplasty? What You Need to Know Before You Schedule Your Consultation

Across Southern California, many people believe that summer is the best time to schedule a nose...
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Kybella Before and After Photos of Patient

Other Uses for KYBELLA?

KYBELLA (keoxycholic acid) is a manmade version of a natural substance found in the human body...
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