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Rhinoplasty FAQ
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Avoiding Scars With a Rhinoplasty Expert

In recent years, more cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeons are choosing to use the open approach for...
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What is a Rhinoplasty?

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging and artistic procedures in the field of...
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What can Rhinoplasty Achieve?

Many unattractive features of the nose can be improved by rhinoplasty, also known as nose job...
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I have a Crooked Nose. What are my options to correct this problem?

A crooked nose is caused by trauma or is due to congenital deformities. In order to fix a...
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What is the right treatment for a Nasal Bump?

A nasal bump, also known as a dorsal hump, is made of two components: bone and cartilage. A...
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Will I have bruising after a Nose Job?

Mild bruising is common after a nose job. However both the doctor and the patient can...
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How long does it take for Rhinoplasty swelling to go away?

It is very normal and expected to have swelling following rhinoplasty. This swelling happens...
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What will my Rhinoplasty recovery be like?

During the initial week of recovery, a nasal cast with tape dressing will cover the nose to...
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What is the down time after a nose job?

The downtime following a nose job varies depending on how much work is done and what...
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It Is Normal to Feel Depressed and Let Down after Rhinoplasty?

Is it normal to feel depressed and let down following rhinoplasty? If you are feeling depressed...
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When can I Resume Normal Activity after my Rhinoplasty?

Resuming normal activity after a nose job should be gradual and will depend upon the extent of...
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When can I drive after my rhinoplasty?

Like any other type of surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia, rhinoplasty...
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